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Custom Duct

Custom Duct

We can support you in all your Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication needs, all custom ducts and fittings, light gauges for Residential and heavier gauges to serve your commercial projects duct needs as well. All types of Ducts and fittings from 28 Gauge to 16 Gauge.

Well, in our shop it’s a much simpler process than that of the larger, unionized shops knocking out ductwork for major projects around the world. Our facility takes an order from the customer–no job being too small–where we either enter the dimensions in our computer system running the CNC plasma machine or start the cutting process by hand.

After the pieces are cut, we brake and bend to form the duct fittings and custom sections. Our ductwork is formed either in half sections or four different sides to create the square or box that will be the duct. This also gives us the chance to run each side through whichever roll forming machine is needed to create the joints necessary for assembling each component.

we do our best to make your experience as seamless as possible. Our custom Sheet Metal service is a convenience offer to our valued customers. If you can draw it, we can fabricate it for you by the next business day. or you can download the fitting form, fill it and email it back to , or Fax it to 905-267-2777.

The professional team at HVAC FOR LIFE Inc. can fabricate all sheet metal products for all building applications. Our highly trained fabrication technicians work with you throughout the process, taking the time to understand the exact requirements of your installation before commencing the work.

We carry a variety of metal in all sizes ranging from 10 to 30 Gauge, and material options include galvanized, Mild and satin-coat steel. fabrication team are experts at crafting round and rectangular ventilation fittings.

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We offer the latest Custom Duct technology .