HRV Systems

Vanee HRV Systems


vanEE Heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) are ideal for colder climates, like most of Canada, where homes need to be heated the majority of the year.

vanEE HRV heat exchangers (cores) are made of polypropylene and have a lifetime warranty when in residential products. The advantage of polypropylene cores compared to other materials such as aluminum is that it has less weight thus is easier to handle, has a smoother surface that improves heat transfer efficiency and doesn’t collect dirt as fast as other materials. It also has thinner walls so that the heat passing from one airstream to the other has less distance to travel, again improving heat transfer efficiency.

Model Capacity Efficiency HRV systems Mississauga
HRV 1001 64-146 CFM 83%
HRV 2001 108-235 CFM 77%
2000 HE 115-197 CFM 95% HRV systems Toronto
3000 HE 180-321 CFM 94%
Vigör HRV Plus 70 CFM 77% Vanee HRV Systems GTA
Vigör HRV 70 CFM 70% Vanee HRV Systems
HRV 90H-V ECM 80-157 CFM 83%
HRV 60H 50-98 CFM 74%
Bronze 90H-V 67-157 CFM 78%
Bronze 100H 66-150 CFM 79%
Bronze 200H 82-192 75%