HVAC - Incentives and Grants

Hvac for life and there Certified Consulting Firm provides a turn-key solution to securing government funding for capital costs associated with replacing existing mechanical equipment with higher efficiency models. Our team of dedicated professionals has worked with several large commercial and industrial facilities to secure funding for a variety of different projects. Programs that are funded by provincial, federal and municipal governments to secure funding up to 50% of the project cost.

The main restriction for business owners to upgrade and install more efficient measures is capital cost, will assist's in obtaining substantial financial incentives for replacement of existing inefficient equipment, significantly reducing the capital cost. As a result, clients who make changes to their mechanical equipment will benefit from decreased operating and maintenance expenses, lowered energy consumptions, as well as reduced pay back periods.

Hvac for Life Will provide a detailed Report:

Condition Report:

Detailed diagnoses or current HVAC equipment, along with operational statuses and related energy consumption.

Compare and Contrast Upgrade Alternatives:

Different levels of efficiencies and upgrades are analyzed to study the relationship between savings and capital cost in order to better meet the client's needs. Grants and/or incentives are recommended, providing increased feasibility for projects through reduced capital costs.

Heating / Cooling Capacity:

Based on heat load / heat gain and heat loss calculations, appropriate heating and cooling sizes are verified to ensure comfort of tenants. Unnecessary utility consumption is achieved by means of eliminating excessive heating and/or cooling capacity.

Thermal Imaging:

HVAC equipment as well as ducting, along with points of entry are thermal imaged in order to assess leaking ducts as well as to identify areas with inadequate insulation.

Air Balancing:

Solutions to re-commission HVAC equipment are presented, with the aim of increasing tenant comfort by ensuring even distribution of conditioned air throughout the facility, eliminating hot and cold spots.

M & V:

Post-project savings verification to confirm calculated savings for projects. This method is also used as a form of confirming project savings at intervals throughout the equipment life cycle.