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All equipment purchased from HVAC FOR LIFE Inc is brand new and direct from our warehouses suppliers.

Since we sell nationally known brands, having repairs done if needed is quite simple. Most air conditioning contractors are authorized by these manufacturers to service this equipment and obtain replacement parts for the term of your warranties.

We do not sell discontinued or outdated equipment. Parts for your new system will be readily available for many years to come. We vigorously select the brands we carry and have great relationships with our manufacturers to bring you the best prices and equipment available on the market.

If for any reason the installing or servicing contractor is unable to obtain a repair or replacement part, simply contact us and we will assist you.

HVAC FOR LIFE Inc provides labour warranty on the equipment installed by our installation team. Should you require replacement parts during or after installing, HVAC FOR LIFE will assist your installing in obtaining any required parts under the manufacturers parts warranty but most installers can obtain these parts through local parts houses directly to expedite the repair. Warranties will vary by manufacturer. Please check each product page as we list the manufacturer’s parts warranties and any additional information as available.