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Direct Gas Fired Make-Up Air package:

The Direct Gas Fired Heater is ETL Listed for use in tempering make-up air. The make-up air is introduced into the heater intake directly from outside the building. Packages are certified to the current ANSI Z83.4 and CSA 3.7 combined safety standard and are available in sizes up to 2,500,000 BTUH and 21,000 CFM. A unique feature of our unit is the patented self-adjusting burner profile plates, which ensure proper air velocity and pressure drop across the burner for clean combustion. Spring-loaded profile plates react to the momentum of the fresh air stream, therefore, no motors or actuators are needed to drive them, nor do they need to be manually set to a specific position. With this feature, all of our units are designed for variable air volume capabilities.
Standard features include intermittent spark ignition system with timed safety lockout and redundant gas valves. Units consist of a galvanized enclosure with an elevated gas burner which burns directly in the air stream. The burner consists of non-clogging, stainless steel combustion baffles attached to a aluminum gas supply section. The burner is capable of nearly 100% thermal efficiency with a maximum turndown ratio of 30 to 1. The burner module has a standard horizontal inlet and discharge duct connection, and is located upstream of the blower module. The blower module has a standard horizontal inlet designed to accommodate an outside air inlet hood with standard 2" filters and screen.
To satisfy a variety of installation requirements, packages are available in a number of configurations which include additions of a v-bank, cooling coil or an evaporative cooler intake module. All modules bolt together to form a rigid common base structure that mounts onto a single curb structure. 
Combination packages that include both exhaust and supply fans mounted on a single roof curb are also available, please contact your sales representative for more information.


Direct Gas Fired Heater 


Indirect Gas Fired Make-Up Air package:

The Modular Indirect Fired Bent Tube Heater is designed to deliver clean air into an indoor environment. Units are designed for indoor or outdoor installation, and can use either Natural or LP gas. the standard unit includes a blower module and the IBT heater module that is approved in the United States and Canada. the unit is listed to the ANSI Z83.8-2006 and CSA 2.6-2006 standards. Each furnace has a 6:1 Turndown Ratio and a maximum Turndown of 28:1 for the entire unit, depending on total required BTU Capacity and number of furnaces in the unit.
Every unit is programmed to start in high fire mode to ensure consistent light-off and is equipped with an electronic, Vernier-type fully-modulating control system. The duct furnaces are all type-409 stainless steel, and certified by the American Gas Association and approved by the Canadian Gas Association. Each model utilizes at least one, but not more than two, modulating stage(s) and between zero and two additional ON/OFF stages depending on the required heat output. In addition, the speed of its power-vent blower on the modulating furnace(s) is varied as the gas flow changes; thereby maintaining a constant 80% combustion efficiency over the entire gas-firing range of the unit.
Combination packages that include both exhaust and supply fans mounted on a single roof curb are also available; please contact your sales representative for more information.


Indirect Fired Bent Tube Heater   Indirect Fired Bent Tube Heater   


Electrical Make-Up Air package:

The Modulating Electric Heater is used for tempering make-up air for installation requiring frequent air changes. These modular units are rated up to 257KW with voltages and phases to meet all electrical requirements. Air volume range is 800 – 22,000 CFM and up to 3" wg @ standard air density, depending on the heating requirements. These heaters are intended for indoor and outdoor installations in commercial kitchens, factories, foundries and similar commercial and industrial occupancies. Combination packages that include both the exhaust and the supply fans mounted on a single roof curb are also available. Contact your local sales representative for more information.
These electric heaters use SCR technology "Silicon Controlled Rectifier;" technology is also called current value because of its ability to modulate the current supplied to, and consequently, the capacity of the heater. The net heat output is the product of the KW capacity of the heater multiplied by the ratio of the "ON" to "ON+OFF" or "period" time. This ratio is determined by an electronic logic in the SCR according to a signal from a proportioning thermostat. Enough heat is stored in the electric elements so that there is an almost constant operating temperature corresponding to the demand.
This method, Modulating Control Mode, is also referred to as "proportional." The heater is electronically controlled to deliver anywhere from zero to 100% of its capacity, precisely and smoothly, matching the heat demand of the system. This is achieved by an SCR controller connected to a proportioning thermostat, which may be either a duct type for Fresh Air make-up or a room type for zone heating.
Proportional refers to the portion of a time period in which the heating element is turned ON and OFF (e.g. 10% ON and 90% OFF meaning 10% of the heating capacity). According to the thermostat demand, the heater is pulsed in different proportion of ON time and OFF time to match the heating demand. A proportional control can thus maintain an accurate room or discharge temperature without the typical variations of the ON/OFF method. This represents an energy savings of approximately 15% due to the high differential of ON/OFF controls.

 Commercial kitchen heater

Gas Fired Make-Up Air package With Cooling:

The modular packaged cooling unit is optimized to work in conjunction with highly efficient make-up air delivery methods, such as perimeter supply plenums. The unit can either have a down or end discharge, and can be used with both electric and gas heat. All refrigerant is environmentally friendly R-410A and condensers have a nominal SEER rating of 14 for greater efficiency.
One benefit of this unit is the multiple cooling stages. Multiple cooling stages increase the efficiency by not using 100% of the cooling capacity when this is not needed, thus allowing lower energy usage. An internal make-up air cooling thermostat automatically energizes the first stage when cooling of the make-up air is required. The same thermostat has a built in adjustable differential to energize the second stage of cooling when required. 
The condensers are top mounted on the make-up air unit to minimize roof space requirements, and are situated for optimal airflow and serviceability.
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