Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Canopy

All canopy hoods are constructed of 16 and 18 gauge Stainless steel. Joints are welded liquid tight without seams, utilizing an automatic wire feed welder. Deluxe, All are UL 710 listed. All canopy hoods are built to exacting standards and are in accordance with NFPA 96 and NSF specifications. Grease trough, made from lightweight aluminized steel is engineered to receive grease extracted by the filters which are the baffle type, 20" wide and carry a UL listing. All hoods are wired for quick installation.


Hood Types are very wide variety Depends on types of applications :

Self - Cleaning Hoods: 

The Self-Cleaning Hood is fabricated from stainless steel and contains a spray bar that extends the full length of the hood immediately behind the filters. The spray bar is fitted with nozzles to ensure adequate spray down of the plenum and back of the filters. A nozzle is located in the exhaust riser to clean a portion of the duct work as well.The Self-Cleaning system cleans grease from the plenum and portion of the duct with the daily hot water spray cycle. Surfactant is used as part of the spray cycle to increase the cleaning effectiveness.

Fully automatic operation,Hood fabricated from 100% Stainless Steel,Drip-less nozzles with internal strainer,Easily serviceable,Adjustable wash length (factory set at 3 minutes),3/4" NPT Pipe Water Inlet connection,1 1/2" NPT Pipe Water Drain connection,Standard riser spray nozzle for duct cleaning,Water usage is 0.70 GPM per foot of hood,Upgrade to the CORE Fire System available,High Efficiency Grease Filtration

 Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Canopy


Back shelf Hoods:

Low Proximity hoods hang lower over the cooking equipment and allow for lower exhaust flow rates and a smaller hood than traditional Wall Canopy Styles. Hood options available to cover all temperature ranges.
ETL Listed for use over 450°F and 600°F cooking surface temperatures, which provides flexibility in designing kitchen ventilation systems.
ETL Listed to US and Canadian safety standards, ETL Sanitation Listed and built in accordance with NFPA 96.
Fabricated of Type 430 stainless steel, #3 or #4 polish, on all exposed surfaces. Optional type 304 stainless steel available. Fully welded and polished front corners. Built in air space to meet NFPA 96 clearance requirements against limited combustible wall with optional insulation for combustible wall.

Self cleaning hood

Wall Canopy Hoods:

Type I is used over cooking equipment to remove heat, smoke and grease-laden effluent. Type II is used to capture heat and/or condensate from non-grease producing appliances. Optional Sloped Front available on Type I to accommodate low ceiling applications. 
Wall Canopy Hood for use over 450°F, 600°F and 700°F cooking surface temperatures. The aerodynamic design includes a mechanical baffle and performance enhancing lip for exceptional capture and containment.


ETL Listed for integral side mount on hood...fabricated of same material as hood...the cabinet can house factory pre-piped UL Listed fire suppression system and ETL Listed, pre-wired electrical controls...pre-wire package contains light switches, lighted fan control switches and internal factory wiring and components (starters, relays, etc.) to reduce field wiring requirements. ETL tests confirm temperatures do not exceed 120°F inside the cabinet during fire condition. (120°F is the maximum allowed storage temperature for the UL Listed fire suppression system and the ETL Listed Industrial control panel.) 

Island Hoods:

Single Island Hood to remove heat, smoke and grease-laden effluent. Hoods are used over cooking equipment where no walls exist or can be used for display cooking.
ETL Listed for use over 400°F, 600°F and 700°F cooking surface temperatures, which provides flexibility in designing kitchen ventilation systems. ETL Listed to US and Canadian safety standards, ETL Sanitation Listed and built in accordance with NFPA 96.
Single Island V-Bank Hood Single island hoods are used over cooking equipment where no walls exist or for display cooking.
Insulated, double-wall rigid front and back have aerodynamic design that reduces radiant heat into kitchen, prevents condensation and provides exceptional capture and containment of cooking vapors. This is accomplished with the signature "mechanical baffle" on the front and back of the hood's capture area. Mechanical baffle provides a built-in wiring chase for optimal positioning of electrical controls and outlets on the front face of the hood without penetrating capture area or requiring external chase way.
Factory pre-wired lighting to illuminate the cooking surface is accessible from the bottom of the hood. Fitted with UL Listed, pre-wired, incandescent light fixtures and tempered glass globes (45" width and above) to hold up to a standard 100 watt bulb. Pre-punched hanging angles on each end of hood and additional set provided for hoods longer than 12'.


Recirculating Hoods:

stainless steel hood, which is hung over electric cooking appliances such as ovens, conveyor ovens and rotisseries. The Recirculating Hood eliminates the need for duct and roof exhaust system.
The Recirculating Hood incorporates an air purification system consisting of three stages of filtration. Stage 1 is a high efficiency stainless steel baffle filter to ensure capture of larger particles. Stage 2 is a HEPA filter designed to capture 99.9995% of particles at 0.12 microns in size. The last stage is a charcoal filter, which is used for odor control. An exhaust skirt is fitted to the bottom of the hood to maximize the capture and removal of vapor associated with food service applications and equipment.
430 Stainless Steel Construction,3-Stage Air Purification System, Removable Access Panels for Easy Maintenance
Standard Controls and Interlocks,Built-in Storage Space for Replacement Filters.
Low CFM rates,Low RPM and two stages of vibration absorb to reduce the noise
Integral forward curve steel blower,Eliminates needs for roof modifications and duct work,Flexibility in the kitchen to move the hood.

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